Saturday, October 4, 2008

Until we meet again

One of my mini motivations for this month is wanting to look good for a wedding we have to attend the day after Halloween. We've known the groom for many years and recently saw him at a wedding in August. At that wedding, I was comparing my biceps with another friend's in front of the groom to be (don't ask). When he felt my bicep and the other woman's he said to me, "Yours might be bigger, but hers are more toned."

The other woman, who I love dearly, laughed and said, "That's funny, I don't even work out, they must be that way naturally. Ha! Ha!"

This person certainly wasn't mocking me, she certainly has no idea how hard I've been working out, but with that, the gauntlet was thrown, and I am now on a mission to make sure my arms are toned in time for this upcoming wedding, and if I'm confident, I'll be sure to arrange a re-match bicep comparison. Otherwise, I'll be the one wearing a long-sleeved dress.

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