Friday, October 24, 2008

Day 29: Just a quickie

Got a late start this morning... and then I checked my email before I wrote this blog only to find that Sephora has sent me $20 to spend on a $50 order. So, my "reward" is back in play. My $75 purchase just became $55 and it will still qualify for free shipping. The timing is perfect as the offer ends Oct. 31. Yay!

Workout was ok today. I could not do the jumping lunges, so I did alternating ones instead. I still hate the rock start jumps, too. They are too jolting.

I'm thinking about doing the NaBloPoMo (or whatever it's called.) We'll see, I'm not sure my blog will be "interesting" enough, but I'd like an excuse to keep going. I'm going to change things up a bit, I'm still going to exercise most days, but I'm going to incorporate some variety. Nothing against Jillian, I just need to do some Yoga and some of Jari's workouts, too.

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