Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Day 7: food

Ugh. Today is not starting out to be a good day.

After I finished my workout, I was slightly behind in my morning routine. I let the kids sleep a little longer given that they had both been up so early, and I wanted to take a shower. I decided to make breakfast only for the older child. I figured my daughter and I could have breakfast when we returned from the bus stop.

Well, the little one didn't want to cooperate. She was upset because she didn't get to eat with her brother and threw a tantrum by throwing her French Toast and banana back at me. I decided... no breakfast for either of us.

Breakfast: small glass of OJ = 1 pt
Mid-morning snack: a handful of almonds = 4 pts
Lunch: 6 spoonfuls of mac n cheese = 6 pts
Dinner: sweet and sour chicken = 9 pts
Snack: milk and cookies w/ kids = 5 pts

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