Thursday, October 2, 2008

Day 8: Level 2, day 1

WOW! That was tough. Not quite as tough as the first time I did Level 1, but pretty close.

First impressions: the walkout push-ups were not as tough as I thought they would be, they were hard, but not impossible. I had difficulty with the lunges with pendulum swings as well. (not sure that's what they're called, I'll double check tomorrow.) The cardio is noticeably more difficult, too. The plank scissor kicks and the (what I call) "mountain climbers" are much harder than any move done in Level 1. Jillian has also stepped up the ab work a few notches. I almost couldn't do all of them. For example, the plank twists are super hard!!

At the end of the workout, Jillian says, "We'll see you tomorrow." So, I'm guessing she does expect us to do this workout every day! I'm not expecting to be as sore as I was when I did Level 1 the first time, but it will be interesting.

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