Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Day 14: Set back

Ugh, I guess it was bound to happen... I woke up this morning with a sharp pain deep inside my left knee. I don't remember tweaking it yesterday or doing anything to it, but it hurt when I stood up, and I didn't want to risk hurting it worse. I decided not do the 30 Day Shred workout this morning. I was content not to do any workout and deal with the consequences of a little guilt, but then my little one got up to go to the bathroom. After I put her back to bed, I decided that despite the pain I could do Yoga.

I used to love doing Yoga, but I fell out of the "Yoga habit" and never really got back into it. I have a video (yes, for use in a VCR, don't laugh) that I like called Cardio Autonomy Yoga. For someone (like me) who has never taken a Yoga class and doesn't really know what she's doing, I think the moves are pretty intense. I haven't done this video in about 8 months. The last time I did it I found it difficult to hold many of the poses. I kept wobbling and falling all over the place. Today, it is obvious that I have gotten stronger in the last few months. The moves were no less intense, and I am far from flexible, but I was able to hold the poses, and I didn't fall over as often, especially during the praying twist.

I'm satisfied with my workout and even managed to work up a little sweat. I'm typing this post mid-afternoon, and my knee is still a little sore, but it does not feel nearly as painful as it did this morning. I think I made the right decision to skip the 30 Day Shred workout for today. I plan to get right back at it tomorrow.

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