Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Day 27: Level 3, day 2

I wasn't as tired this morning as I was yesterday, and I didn't even sleep all that well. I had difficulty falling asleep, and then our garage door mysteriously closed/opened itself shortly after I finally fell asleep (we think it may have been left open and our neighbor closed it for us). But, when the alarm went off, I didn't dread getting out of bed to workout.

Level 3 does not wear me out like Levels 1 and 2 did initially. I definitely sweat alot more, and the sweating starts earlier, too, like during the first strength moves.

There are 2 moves that I are super difficult for me: the jump lunges and the rock star jumps. The rock star jumps are not all that hard, per se, they just hurt when I land. I guess I'm not light enough on my feet.

Jillian talks about her "diet plan" in Level 3. I was not aware she had one. If I can find it, I may incorporate it next month.

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