Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My Box of Chocolates

When I sat down to write my first entry about my latest attempt to lose weight, I had no idea there was such a large community of weight loss bloggers out here on the web. I've been reading a lot of other blogs, and I've noticed so many creative blog names, which has me thinking about changing the name of my blog. I've come up with a few new names, but the one I keep coming back to is "My Box of Chocolates." It is, obviously, a slight variation on the quote from Forrest Gump. For me the title is about taking whatever life gives me (good or bad) and running with it. It is also an homage to (one of) my weaknesses when it comes to eating right, Chocolate.

The inspiration for the title also comes from an actual box of chocolates that I've been eating since Easter. I mentioned a while back that I bought myself a box of Pecan Torties when I took the kids to the Morley Candy Factory. For the past 2 1/2 weeks, I've eaten 1 piece of candy from that box each day since Easter, but for the past few days, there has been one lonely piece of candy left. I'm not sure why I haven't eaten it. I'm not saving it for anything. If my math is correct, the candies that I've already eaten represent just under 840 calories, 520 calories from fat, 56 grams of fat, and 80 carbohydrates, so honestly, what's one more piece of candy?

Is it a test of my willpower? my resolve? Am I holding onto it for a day when I "really, really NEED" a piece of chocolate? Is it some sort of commentary or symbol of my weight loss journey thus far? I'm not sure what it represents, but for some reason I haven't eaten it, yet.

I haven't committed to changing the name of my blog, and I'm not even sure that "My Box of Chocolates" is any more creative than "Julie's Weight Loss Challenge," but at least the "Chocolate" title has some meaning.

Edited to add: Today was 2d30D16 which I forgot to mention. I did not do a workout post. I had a training session with my trainer. The most memorable thing: he thinks he might have Swine flu! Really??!!? Really... he says he trains at least 9 people who travelled to Mexico for Spring Break, several of whom were sick when they returned.

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