Monday, April 13, 2009

I heart chocolate!

This week is Easter Week. When I was growing up, the week after Easter meant I could pig out on chocolate and not feel guilty. As a child and even as a young adult, my Lenten observance usually involved giving up chocolate. So, on Easter Sunday, the Easter Bunny filled my basket with nothing but chocolate. Not much has changed over the years. I may not get an Easter basket filled with chocolate anymore, but it is funny how the Easter Bunny mainly brings my kids the kind of candy that I like, chocolate. Oh, sure, the bunny brought some "Bumpy Nerd Jelly Beans" that I don't like, so at least I won't be eating those.

Unfortunately, I bought way too much chocolate this year. One day last week, on a pure whim, I took the kids to the Morley Candy Factory, which is a stone's throw away from our house, and well, let's just say I went a little crazy in the chocolate department. I love their chocolate eggs, and I just couldn't resist the mini foil-covered molded bunnies. I bought marshmallow eggs covered in chocolate and peanut butter eggs covered in chocolate. The kids each picked out a solid chocolate bunny. And, the piece de resitance?!? While we were standing in line, a lady was offering those of us in (the long) line, chocolate samples. I ended up buying a box of Pecan Torties, caramel and pecan covered in, you guessed it, chocolate. Those are mine, all mine!

I think I have written before that I am not the kind of person who deprives herself. If the kids are having a small dish of ice cream, then I will have a small scoop as well, just to "taste." I'll eat cake if I'm at a birthday party, and I'll certainly have a small piece or two of chocolate occasionally. I don't hoard stashes of chocolate in my nightstand drawer. I simply try to eat in moderation. That will be put to the test this Easter given all the temptation that's made its way into the house this week. Hence, I've replaced my "snack log" side bar with a "candy tally," at least for this week.

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