Tuesday, April 14, 2009

2d30D2: Yoga Sweat

Even though I have my second training session later this morning, I was feeling guilty about not doing Yoga yesterday. I did 30 minutes of Yoga this morning with Maura Barclay from Exercise TV On Demand. The program is called "Yoga Sculpt," but you might as well call it "Yoga Sweat." I know I've mentioned it before, but it bears repeating, I drip with sweat every time I do this routine. I don't often do the routine on its own, I usually do it following a cardio/strength session, so I don't notice the sweating as much, but the few times I've done only the Yoga, I've noticed that I really sweat. As I'm sitting here typing and eating some All-Bran cereal, sweat is still dripping off my eyebrows.

As I was turning the TV off, I noticed that "Yoga Sculpt" will be available until 4/21. There were a number of "new" offerings on the Yoga menu screen, but after a quick glance at the descriptions, I didn't find one that looked like a "must try." I hope Yoga Sculpt is renewed.

That's all for now. I will file a report later about my second training session.

Updated, post training session: Wow, what a great session! It was just me today. It doesn't bother me at all to share the session, that's what I signed up for, but I ended up having a longer session, which was great. I know last time I tried to remember everything we did, but this time, we did so much, I can't recall it all. Here are some of the hi-lights: He had me do wall squats while pressing out a 15 lb medicine ball; I did arm raises with 2 15 lb weights while balancing on a balance ball; we did some boxing; I did some squats while pulling up 50 lbs to the right and left (it had a name, but I didn't catch it); The cardio intervals were jump rope, mountain climbers, hop ups on a balance board, plus I walked on the treadmill for 3 intervals of 5-8 minutes each at a pace of 3.5 mph on a 5% incline. I know there was more, but I can't come up with the moves now.

I go back on Thursday at 11.

As an aside, I came home and made the kids some lunch. My 3 year old was sitting at the island and kept sniffing and wrinkling her nose. Finally, she asked, "Mom, what's that stinky smell?" I'm making pasta fagoli in the crock pot, so I told her that's what she smells. She said, "No, mommy, I think it's you! You stink!" She's probably right, I am a sweater, I can't help it. As I'm sitting here typing, I can smell something "stinky," and I don't think it's the soup. Off to hit the shower.

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