Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Card Party or 52 Card Pick Up?

If I was more creative, I could come up with a great name for this workout plan I heard Jillian describe last night on The Biggest Loser. I'm always looking for ways to change up my workout, and this sounds like something fun to try.

Here's how it works: Shuffle an ordinary deck of playing cards. Draw a card one at a time. Diamonds represent push ups. Do lunges for Hearts. Spades are crunches, and do reverse crunches for all Clubs. The number on the card drawn is the number of repetitions for each exercise. Face cards are 10, and Aces are a one minute break.

I'm going to try this on Friday. I might modify the plan for my own purposes. First, I don't think I'll do the reverse crunches for club cards, instead I'm going to rotate through a few different exercises: (a) dead lifts with bicep curls, (b) squats with shoulder presses, (c) squats and (d) tricep kick backs in a chair squat. I'll use 5 lb weights for the lunges and the crunches. I also may throw in a few butterfly/leg raises in place of some of the crunches to work my lower abs.

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