Friday, March 20, 2009

Day 7: Good workout; toe hurts!

Alarm: 5:45 and for once M's early morning wake up call worked out just fine. I had just hit the snooze button when I heard M's door open. She came in to use the bathroom. After I put her back to bed, I went downstairs to do my workout.

Workout: I did Jillian Michales' "No More Trouble Zones" which I found on ExerciseTV's "On Demand" channel. I did the quick version which is about 35 minutes. I then did 30 minutes of yoga followed my 10 minutes of pilates abs and 10 minutes of pilates leg slimmer.

As for my toe, in a word, it hurts. More accurately, it aches. It's slightly swollen and a dark gray color. It still hurts to the touch, but it didn't really impact my workout. I was able to jump around on it during Jillian's workout; it only slightly affected the yoga routine. At times, I found myself not wanting to put any pressure on my left foot, but when I did, it was ok.

Weight: I'm writing this entry just before I hit the shower, so I haven't weighed myself. I'm scared to get on the scale...

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