Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Day 12: Good workout

I slept in again this morning. K is gone, and as predicted, I stayed up too late last night after I did yoga. But, I did get a great workout in this morning. I did Jillian's "Boost Your Metabolism" workout from Exercise TV "On Demand." This workout lasts a little over 50 minutes. I've done this workout a handful of times before, sometimes I'm not able to make it all the way through, but today I made myself push through to the end. The only move that I did not do is the "jumping scissor kicks." I substituted squats.

I thought about wrapping up this morning with about 20 minutes of yoga, but I couldn't find a routine that I liked, and my daughter was at the end of her tolerance for waiting for me to be done. I'm happy with what I did because I think this particular workout is really hard.

Current weight: It's that time of the month, so I'm giving myself a few days off from the scale. I find that I retain water and weigh a pound or 2 more during my period, so I'll shoot for a weigh in on Friday.

Updated to add: I did about 40 minutes of Wii Fit last night. I did 8 minutes of boxing and several coordinating yoga and strength training exercises. I also took a body test and matched my previous low Wii Fit age of 29!!! Not bad for someone who will be 40 in a few short years.

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