Saturday, March 28, 2009

Day 15: Another great workout

It's Saturday! I had a great workout today! I did 50 minutes of Jillian's "Boost Your Metabolism" followed by 30 minutes of Yoga Sculpt. I felt great after both workout routines. Again, the only move I just can't bring myself to do is the jumping scissor kicks in Jillian's "BYM."

The number on the scale has dropped to 138 pounds. In general, I'm happy that the numbers keep going down, and I hope that continues.

I bought some of that Protein water and some South Beach Protein bars, we'll see if either of those things help with the weight loss this week.

A few asides: 1) While I'm getting myself ready for my 10 year Anniversary vacation, my sister is getting ready for a cruise she's takikng this July. She's 7 years younger than me and hasn't had any kids, so she's in better shape than I am. I'm let her borrow my 30 Day Shred DVD, just to see if she likes it. (I can get Levels 1 and 2 from Exercise TV On Demand.) She called me today to tell me that she did Level 1 for the first time and felt like she was going to die. I told her that's exactly how I felt after doing it the first time, but that it does get easier. I also told her that while I like the fact that it's a quick workout, right now, it's not enough of a workout for me. I usually do it on my "easy" days.

2) I talked to K about doing the personal trainer, and he said it's fine. My dad will watch the kids for me on Tuesday, so I'm all set for my assessment on Tuesday. We'll see where I go from there. I'd still like to get down a few more pounds before I start with the trainer.

And finally,
3) We are heading to Ocean Prime for dinner tonight with K's parents to celebrate K's promotion at work. I'm looking forward to a nice dinner (that we don't have to pay for), but I also know that I need to make sure I make good choices at dinner and limit my consumption of wine.

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