Monday, September 29, 2008

Weight Watchers

I hand-wrote the following entry in my journal on July 22, 2008 and decided to type it up and post it here.

I'm at it again, trying to lose weight that is. Last year at this time it was the personal trainer; the year before that, who knows?!

This year it's Weight Watchers. I joined for an initial 8 weeks, I'm just finishing up week one. The points system is easy to follow, and most days it's relatively easy to stay within a point or 2 of my daily points allowance.

The problem right now is I'm constantly thinking about foor and about points. I keep going back over the points index in the Eat Wisely book again and again. I also keep going over the meal plan in the kickstart book. I'm hoping that the obsession with food and points wears off.

Initially, I'm working towards losing 10% of my weight. I'm optimistic that I can lose 10% in the next 7 weeks. I don't think it will be easy, by any means, but at least I have something to work for and as long as I see results, I'm hoping I'll be inspired to keep going to my ultimate goal.

I have seen several women I know lose weight on the WW program, and I hope it works for me.

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