Thursday, September 25, 2008

A points predicament

After typing that last post and figuring out the number of points that I can add to my daily points allowance (dpa) on the days that I work out, I realize there is another major difference between Jari and Jillian.

On Jari's program, I can give myself up to 7 extra points, depending on how long I work out and how intense the work out is. (I figure this out using weight watchers' activity points sliding scale.... 60 minutes of high output at my current weight gives me an additional maximum of 7 points.) I didn't add in the extra points every day that I worked out with Jari, but when I did eat the extra points, I never felt too guilty about it.

With Jillian's program, if I continue to workout for only 20 minutes, even with the high intensity, I only have an additional 2 points maximum. The way I love food, I guess this is my incentive to work out for the additional 20 minutes so I at least get 4 extra points.

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