Friday, September 26, 2008

Day 2: workout

The alarm went off at 5:30, but today I didn't get up until after Kyle, at 5:56.

Again, I had ambitions of trying to do Level 1 back to back, but as soon as I tried to get out of bed, I realized how sore I am. Honestly, I am surprised at how sore I am. I have been working out diligently since July. I've been using weights and doing cardio with Jari, but obviously, Jillian targets a few different muscles. The pecs must be one of those muscles I wasn't using as much with Jari as that's where I'm the most sore.

I decide I can only use 2.5 lb weights again, I'm not ready to move up to 5 lb. Again, this surprises me, because I've been using 8 lb weights. Shortly after beginning the workout, I decide that I'm only going to be able to do Level 1 one time today.

Today, I do a little better at keeping up with Jillian's pace. I only skip 8 jumping jacks while I drink some water, and I rest for a total of 4 lunges (2 on each leg) during the difficult static lunges with bicep curl.

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