Wednesday, November 25, 2015

The struggle is real

Doubt is creeping in.  I'm trying to push the negative thoughts out my head, but it's a struggle.  I'm proud of what I've accomplished so far, but now that the holidays are here, I'm just not sure if I'm going to make it to my goal of losing 20 pounds by final weigh-in on December 13.  Losing the first 10 pounds was not easy, but those were relatively "low key" weeks where I didn't have to struggle to fit everything in, meal planning and prepping, workouts, empty stomach cardio, work and family obligations, and sleep!  (Yes, it's important to rest these 43 year old bones!)

I've been doing so well, but I'm worried about making it through this Thanksgiving weekend and then the following two weekends.  We have quite a bit going on.  I knew it would be rough going into this challenge, but really, there's never a time when we're not busy with something.  I know I need to take each day one at a time, but it's hard not to look ahead and get overwhelmed with all of the parties, events, and activities we will be attending in the weeks ahead.  I know it will be a struggle.

I need to take a moment to think about how far I've come.  For sure, this week the trainers at the gym have amped up the workouts.  I've come to realize that the old saying, "the workouts don't get easier, you get stronger" doesn't mean what I thought it did.  The saying is true, but not in the way I expected.  Certainly, the workouts have not become easier than they were the first week, of that I am certain.  However, I am definitely stronger.  By way of a few examples that were evident during today's tough workout, here is a small measure of the progress I have made:  I can hold a plank for much longer than I could three weeks ago.  I can do a full swinging sit up and touch my toes for the entire timed set without stopping. I have even made progress with the Russian twists, whereas in the beginning of this challenge I couldn't even keep my heels off the ground for a simple "c-sit," today, I did Russian twists for 20 seconds before I had to rest... not that impressive, I know, but so much better than on Nov. 1. 

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