Friday, November 20, 2015

Ready Responses for the Holiday

So, the holidays are coming up, and I will still be involved in this 6 week challenge.  I know I will find myself in situations where I will have to decline food and drink so that I can strictly follow the nutrition plan we've been given. 

On the private VIP Facebook page, someone posted a thoughtful piece about being prepared for the holidays.  I have discovered through the first 3 weeks of this challenge, that the best advice I have been given is to be prepared; layout my workout clothes before I go to bed, grocery shop ahead of time, prepare meals in advance, especially breakfast when I need to ne up and out the door by 5:10 am.

The VIP post encouraged us to think about how we're going to handle the holidays, and the writer encouraged us to role-play situations, if necessary.  One technique offered by the author of the post was to think of the "food pusher" (i.e. the one saying things like, "it's ok you can have just one piece of pie"; or "you look great, you don't need to lose any weight")  as a bear.  That is, someone who is more afraid of me, or more specifically my success/ my resolve/my willpower, etc. than I am of the food that's being offered.  I like that idea, and will try to implement it.

I also have some responses ready for those moments when my willpower and resolve will be tested.

1. No thank you. (Sometimes that's all you need to say.)

2. That looks delicious but I'm trying hard to watch what I eat. (When you don't want to offend the person who's offering the food she made.)

3. Thank you, but I'm fine with veggies and water. (Really, I am.)

4. No thanks.  I'm in the middle of a fitness challenge, and I've lost [insert number] pounds since November 1, and I'm getting stronger and closer to my goal, and I don't want to jeopardize all of my hard work by eating that [insert delicious food item]. (For those who need an explanation and won't take "no thank you" for an answer.)

5. Thanks, but I am in the middle of a fitness challenge.  It may seem silly to do this during the holidays, but I need to do this for me.  I need to prove to myself that I don't need that [insert food or drink].  I'm putting myself first and making me a priority. (Again, for those who won't take "no thank you" for answer.  The person who may (or may not) need to be put in her place with a moral reason for why I'm declining dessert).

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