Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Bottle it up!

Yes, I'm still here plugging away at working out, eating right, and trying to lose weight.  I'll be honest, it's been tough the past few weeks with the holidays, some travelling, and a nasty stomach bug!

I gained some weight during the "off week," but was able to lose most of it during the holidays.  I am finally back in the negative column.

I don't really have much of note to write about, I just felt like I should check-in and note my progress.

Briefly: the meal plan for challenge 2 changed slightly by incorporating additional food choices and allowing a little more flexibility.  I found it to be a little overwhelming, however, and decided to stick with what I know and what worked, so I'm still basically following the  meal plan from the first challenge. Unfortunately, I've been "cheating" here and there... during the first challenge, I did not waiver in following the meal plan... this time, however, I find myself sneaking bites of chocolate here and a few cookies there.  I haven't been terrible, I just haven't been as strict with myself as I had been.

That said, I have still managed to lose a little weight.  I'm pushing myself harder and harder during the workouts.  As I mentioned in passing above, we traveled to North Carolina to celebrate the new year with some friends, and I was still able to do some serious "at-home" workouts. I've been slacking on the walking (ESC), but I'll get back into that routine soon.  I joined the rec center just for purpose of being able to walk indoors when it's just too frigid to go outside. My family and I also suffered through a nasty stomach bug that helped me lose about 2 pounds... definitely not the way to lose weight.

Finally, a brief NSV (non-scale victory): About 10/12 weeks ago, before I started this challenge, I would stand in my closet frustrated because none of my pants fit, they were all too tight. This morning, I stood in my closet, frustrated, because none of my pants fit, they are all way too big and baggy!  It is such a good feeling... a feeling that I wish I could bottle and save for the rest of my life.

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